SPAFORCE Recruitment

Recruiters for all Spa Management personnel including Senior Spa Therapists & Staff Trainers

SPAFORCE is based in England & was founded in 1995. In fact, it was one of the first-ever dedicated Spa recruitment agencies in the world so feel confident in our professional service. We are also a divisional member of the UltraForce Group (UFg).

SPAFORCE searches & supplies experienced Spa Management personnel & Senior Spa Therapists to 5 Star Spas, Hotel & Resorts around the world.

Examples of Spa Recruitment supplied over the last 15- years by SPAFORCE include:

UFg's particular strengths are in the established connections and extensive 'hands on' experience in the Middle East, Europe and Near & Far East.

UFg is structured over 6 separate specific industry sections to guarantee to our Clients that their requirements will be organized and overseen by an industry specialist with direct experience in the target industry. Whether it is SPAFORCE or HOTELFORCE, our 6 individual teams of specialists have the knowledge and experience to exceed expectations.

SPAFORCE follows a trading promise that is the same for all current 6 specialist recruitment divisions within the UltraForce Group (UFg). So if you wish to make use of our other divisions in locating different types of specialist and experienced professional staff outside of this sector, please request a Corporate Trading Agreement from our Head Office. You can look at our other specialist divisional pages by clicking on the relevant divisional link at the top of this page.

It will be to your financial advantage to request Group access to all divisions within UFg. This is because our Group Trading Terms then give you complete use of all current 6 specialist recruitment divisions within UFg. Thus giving you licence to commission UFg, to search & supply so many types of professional management personnel for your company.

The SPAFORCE Guarantee

We provide a Personal Service in an impersonal world

Contact us for an honest, direct, unique approach.