Interim Management & Business Recovery / Turnaround Services

Interim Management

Interim Management is the temporary appointment of a Senior Executive, Business Manager or Senior Specialist by an organisation that needs to supplement in-house resources with additional skills or specific management experience. Interim Managers typically fulfil a valuable role to fill a senior short term vacancy, deliver a specific project, augment the skills of the existing management team or deal with a crisis. In the current climate, their skills are particularly valuable in dealing with distressed businesses, including operational reviews, reorganisation and continuing management whilst restructuring is being undertaken.

As a resource for organisations, Interim Managers are practical hands-on managers who are typically overqualified and have had past experience in the challenges they will face. They have well-developed interpersonal skills who must be able to offer robust solutions that work for the client. As such, they will be able to make an immediate impact, ensuring the success of the assignment.

UltraForce (UFg) will provide you with hand-picked senior level Managers with the appropriate skills and experience to meet your needs, quickly and efficiently. With 30 years of UK & international experience, we have an enviable track record that has given us deep insights into the commercial success factors for our Clients.


Business Recovery & Turnaround Services

UFg provides a service available direct to businesses and to Recovery & Turnaround organisations to:


The Next Key Steps

Our approach is a very personal one, starting from the moment you contact us and continues through every step of the process, even after the assignment has ended.


We feel it is this high level of personal input that enables us to fulfil your instructions with a rapid response each time.

We provide a Personal Service in an impersonal world

Contact us for an honest, direct, unique approach.

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