International Job Opportunities for Women

SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN believe that it is always worthwhile reviewing your current skillset, so we have created a list of professional companies that specialise in training in the fitness & sports industry - click here
We shall keep adding more Training provider partners to this list so keep checking every week when you are also checking out which good job in the sun is yours to grab before someone else takes it!


Region East coast of Saudi Arabia
Salary / mth. IRO UK £2,600- depending on exchange rate at time & quality of higher education
Key Benefits Free accommodation, annual flight, visa costs, transport, medical care & 30- days vacation pa
Taxation No local taxation at this time
Start Date ASAP but 4- weeks acceptable to allow for Visa processing in London or other cities in Europe.
Visa Required & provided by Employer & assistance given by SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN
Contract Annual renewable & open-ended thereafter for many years, so good job security

Ideally a degree in Phys. Ed, Sports Science or similar. However, a Sports biased Diploma may be OK but we will check for you after reviewing your CV. A minimum of 5+ years of full time experience is essential. Most popular Sports activities in Arabia are Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball & American Football (due to large contingent of US American families in this large Oil company community. LEISUREFORCE sees the career of an experienced SDO for a local council Sports Centre as the ideal background for this job. So the more Sports Coaching certifications you can offer, will put you to the top of the short list! Your Site Manager is a British candidate placed by us 3+ years ago so you will be well cared for & you can speak with him before flying out if you would like.


The largest Oil & Gas company in the world who employ more than 80,000- personnel from all around the world. This international community therefore requires a big & diverse Sports program to entertain them after working hours. Many senior staff also have their families with them and so there is also a large demand for Kids activities of all types including many tournaments & competitions for all Sports. Those children old enough for Sports activities will range from as young as 4- upto mid- teenagers. So the kids portion of the large community of several thousands, will be a large part of the job duties for this position. Other Sports facilities around many of the Oil company settlements include Golf courses, Riding Stables, private beaches, Tennis & Squash / Racquetball and of course, loads of Fitness Centres & Swimming Pools. You will be employed by a Sub-Contractor well known to LEISUREFORCE for over 25- years, so they are to be trusted.

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  Client has instructed us to supply only UK & Western passport holders due to work visa spaces available.
Region EASTERN COAST of SAUDI ARABIA ( next to island of Bahrain)
Salary / mth. Starting salary IRO UK £1,500- with 5% commissions on Personal Training sessions. OTE's of UK £2,000+
Key Benefits Annual renewable contract, free accommodation, transport to & from work, all visa costs paid,
Taxation NO LOCAL TAXATION on salary earned
Start Date ASAP but 4- weeks OK
Visa Provided & all assistance given by SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN
Package Medical insurance, food allowance, 5% commissions on PT sessions, transport to & from work, annual return flight, visa costs & 30- days vacation pa. Plenty of cultural advice given by us at SJ4W from staff that have worked there themselves.
Contract ANNUAL RENEWABLE for GOOD JOB DONE so excellent long term job security
Status SINGLE ONLY (No dependents)

This is a well-known Arabic lady Client to SJ4W so be assured, she will look after you. She is upgrading her Fitness Centre after Covid effects during 2021 so she is seeking a Senior Fitness Trainer who has some new ideas to attract new members & welcome back the previous ones. To apply, you must have a full PT Certification and also be trained as a Pilates reformer, or HIIT. A minimum of 5- years work experience at this trained level is important for you to be able to supervise (and train in-house, if judged necessary) junior staff from other parts of the world. So leading by example is vital.  To apply, please send us an upto date copy of your CV with a recent smiley photo and/or call us for a friendly chat if you prefer.


An established Ladies Only Fitness Centre in the modern city of Al Khobar, near Dammam international airport on the East coast. The lady owner is well-known to us at SJ4W as we have met her before in London. She is very Westernised & speaks excellent English

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  Long term job security is assured for those wishing to develop an international career. Our company also has many other UK / Western staff working in the area so we can introduce you to them if you wish.
Salary / mth. IRO UK£ 1,500- / month + commissions TAX FREE rising to £2,000/- basic month after successful probation
Key Benefits Annual return flight, 30- days vacation pa. Visa & medical costs paid, free accommodation for 1st. 3- months.
Start Date ASAP but 4- weeks acceptable
Visa Required and arranged for you by SJ4W if processed in the UK
Package Full JD upon application & plenty of cultural details from staff here who worked in Arabia before, including the General Manager of SJ4W + LEISUREFORCE. The general lifestyle for UK/Western personnel working & living in Bahrain is very relaxed & friendly so all of the people we have sent before over the last 30+ years have stayed a very long time.
Contract An initial 2- years contract with an open-ended renewal as a reward for a "Good Job Done".
Status Single only

The key role of this Wellness appointment is to conduct postural and fitness assessments, and design programs that are tailored to FEMALE client's needs.  The position also requires you to provide one-to-one Personal Training sessions to the Clubs' clients. These PT sessions will earn you extra 10% commissions in addition to your basic monthly salary. Other general fitness duties will be expected of you in the gym environment & sometimes lead by example. To support your professional capabilities, you will need to have a specific degree in health & fitness-related studies (Sport & Exercise Science / Physical Therapy / Rehabilitation etc..) with at least 3- full-time years of work experience  post-graduation in a contemporary Gym environment. Any extra knowledge gained through vocational training courses that offer Pilates, Postural, Yoga and similar related training are also very welcomed. An extract from the JD states the following:

Assess client physiological load

Write exercise programs to address low, moderate, or high overall load

Assess functional defects and imbalances in the core and back musculature

Design personalized exercise program that balance the atonic nervous system

Understand how optimizing posture not only improves function but also increase overall wellness

Implement many different types of exercises that enhance function

Maintain efficient and effective company operations

Excellent communication skills, both verbally and written

Up to date IT or computer skills

A complete JD will be shown to all shortlisted candidates

Look the perfect example of what Club members want to be


    A well-established Wellness Centre founded & managed by a British lady who is known very well to this Agency. The Wellness Centre offers a very personable one-on-one PT Training service to Clients of all nationalities who are living on this Cosmopolitan-style friendly & relaxed island in the Arabia Gulf. You will be joining other Western personnel supplied by us at SJ4W over many years. Regular duties require welcoming "1st.-timers" into a Fitness Centre environment so strong skills for sensitivity & reassurance are vital for this type of female Client. Detailed Consultation assessments prior to any prescribed work-out program, will therefore be a key duty too. ( as any well-experienced PT should already know).

    CALL US for a friendly chat 1st. if you prefer. 
    Plenty more detail upon application from our Manager here who also worked there for 10+ years. So no Sports agency in the world knows more about working in Arabia than us or has traded there longer than us. So trust in our 34+ years of work experience there. If you like exploring different countries, local wildlife & different cultures, then this job is for you! CALL US for a friendly chat 1st. if you prefer to get more details if you prefer on 01590 676379 (UK Office hours).

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      POSITION NOW BEEN PUT ON HOLD by CLIENT. But feel at ease to still send your CV for this & other similar jobs always coming in.
    Region EAST COAST of SAUDI ARABIA (Arabian Gulf region)
    Salary / mth. IRO UK £ 2,100- TAX FREE (depending on exchange rate at the time & BHS / equivalent education level)
    Key Benefits Free accommodation/allowance, annual flight, visa costs, transport, medical care & 30- days vacation pa
    Taxation No local taxation at this time
    Start Date 4- to 8- weeks to allow for Visa processing to be done in London for you by us + Corona medical check.
    Visa Required and arranged & paid for you, by SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN as always
    Contract 1- year contract & renewable / open-ended for good job done
    Status Single status only

    A minimum of BHS Instructor Level 2- is required with at least 3- years of Coaching experience that includes teaching children. More years of experience will be welcomed. Some basic knowledge of general medical care of horses & being able to judge when to contact the Vet if concerned is also good. Previous international Equestrian experience in hot countries is ideal. This specific international family community enjoys using a Riding Stables facility with about 8-10 horses. Your Recreation Manager is a British man also placed by LEISUREFORCE some years ago. We can arrange a Skype chat with him if you wish.

    Two letter-headed work references will be required from recent employers after the time of secure job offer.


    A long-established Oil Company that SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN has successfully traded with for many years. So we have many types of Sports Club Managers & numerous types of Sports Coaches already working on same or other nearby sites. This specific appointment is at a large international residential complex with Sports facilities for the workers & their families (est. 50,000+) from all over the world, including many from USA, UK & Europe. The location is on the Gulf coast so this gives access to a beach area on your day off. The Sports facilities range from the regular Fitness & Rackets activities to Watersports, Riding Stables, Soccer program, Basketball, Golf course and much more. Plenty more detail upon application.

    This is an exciting time to go to work in Saudi Arabia being the largest & most powerful country in the region because it is now going to start international tourism for the 1st. time in its cultural history. Find out more from the Founder & GM of SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN & LEISUREFORCE.  CALL US for a friendly chat 1st. if you prefer on 01590 676379 (UK office hours). 

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      YOUR SPORTS MANAGER is BRITISH & was supplied by our company several years ago.
    Salary / mth. IRO UK £2,400/- month tax free depending on exchange rate at the time
    Key Benefits Housing & transport allowance, duty meal, annual flight, visa costs, medical care & 30- days vacation pa
    Taxation NO LOCAL TAXATION at this time
    Start Date As soon as possible but 4- weeks acceptable to allow for interview process & visas
    Visa Required and arranged & paid for you, by SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN (SJ4W) as always
    Contract 2- years initial contract with open-ended renewals in return for good job done
    Status Single status only (no dependents)

    Further education (Degree / HND / BTEC ) in either Sports & Fitness or Spa Management with at least 5- years full time work experience in a busy Sports / Spa Club. Two years as a Manager of a facility. A good selection of short courses in health & fitness, poolside health & safety, and Spa treatments will be ideal. Strengths in high levels of customer care & staff training that will be needed for personnel in your dept. who come from many parts of the world. So good leadership & motivation skills are also vitaL


    A high quality 5- star hotel well known to us at SPORTSJOBS4WOMEN (SJ4W), so you will be well cared for by the Employer. Living & working on this friendly and relaxed island is one of the most favourite locations for Expatriate workers. We have placed many other UK / Western personnel there for over 25- years & have some working there right now. So we can introduce them to you on your arrival if you are successful.

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      SORRY, POSITION NOW FILLED but CVs are still welcomed for similar jobs coming in soon.